4 Important Security Tips for Business Owners Who See Customers at Home

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It’s becoming more and more easy to start a successful business from home. Many of those businesses will be conducted entirely over the internet, but other people will invite customers into the home. Masseuses, hair dressers, and tutors can all work from home, and they’ll usually see many people each day. One of the most important considerations for anyone looking to open a home business is security. The people who come and see you will often be strangers, so there’s a certain amount of trust that needs to be extended. Unfortunately, that trust is often be misplaced. To make sure that you aren’t robbed or harmed by a customer, you need to have a strong security system in place. Follow the tips listed below to ensure that you are protected. 1. Install a Security Camera The first thing you need to do is demonstrate to anyone who could do you harm that you take security seriously. By positioning one or two small security cameras by the door, you’ll let everybody know that you’ll be able to provide their image to the authorities if anything does go wrong. This means that they will be far less likely to take the risk. 2. Don’t Take Bookings from Blocked Numbers There are plenty of reasons why someone might call you to make a booking from a blocked number; 9 times out of 10, their reasons for doing so will be innocent. However, it’s worth remembering that one reason for calling from a blocked number is so that you won’t have their information if anything does happen. Make it clear that you won’t accept blocked calls. Having the personal number of each visitor makes it less likely that anything will happen. 3. Live Somewhere Busy This is clearly only a tip that will be applicable if you’re currently looking for a new home that has the space you need to start your home business. If you are still at this stage, make sure you look for something that will make anyone think twice about causing trouble. An un-detached house on a busy street is going to offer better security than a detached house in a quiet cul-de-sac. 4. Purchase a Personal Alarm The tips listed above will drastically reduce the chances of anything happening to you, but nothing can really wipe them out entirely. This is why you should seriously consider buying a personal alarm. These are essentially small panic buttons that can be worn as pendants or security badges. If something does happen, you can quickly press the panic button to ensure that help will arrive as soon as...

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How to Replace Security Window Screens in 3 Steps

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Window screens tend to be a tad costly to install in the first place. Thus, when your window screens are damaged it may also cost you a pretty penny to have them replaced. Although it is best to have security screens installed by professional contractors, you can try to save some extra money by installing these screens on your own. However, you would still be required to buy the tools that you will need as well as the materials. Therefore, if you have a steady hand, you can use the following steps to effectively replace your damaged window screens. There are several things that you would need to have beforehand. These include some new rubber edging for the replacement window screens, screen rollers, a measuring tape, new screening material and some razor knives. 1. Remove the compromised security screens The first step would be to carefully remove the damaged window screens. This is done by meticulously detaching them from the window frames. Then, you should place it on a flat hard surface. The surface should be large enough as well as strong enough to support the whole unit. Proceed to pull out the rubber edging that is on the old window screen. This rubber edging is the material that separates the screen from the frame of the window screen. Once you have taken this out, you can then proceed to pull out the damaged screening from the old window screens. 2. Take the required measurements for your replacement security screens You can now proceed to measure the amount of new screening that you will need to replace the old window screens. This new screening should be measured from the replacement material that you got for the window screens. Start by taking accurate measurements of the outer edge of the frame of the window screens. You should also ensure that you leave a substantial allowance around the measured figure. Next, lay down the screening material on the frame of the window screens. Proceed to measure the length of the rubber edging that you will need. The measurement of the rubber edging should ensure that the rubber could go all the way around the edges of the window screens. One you have this measurement, you can then cut the rubber edging. 3. Mount the new replacement security screens Get the screening rolling gadget that you had beforehand and use it to press the rubber edging into the grooves on the window screens. Do this all around the window screens until it is sandwiching the screening material in the frame. Trim all the excess screening material that may be left and then you can mount back the window...

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