Top Reasons Why CCTV Cameras Switch to White and Black Mode

When you install security cameras on your business premise, you expect quality pictures and videos. It helps security authorities to compile an accurate report, which guides investigations should an incident occur. However, modern security cameras can switch from coloured display to black and white or night mode. As the name suggests, the night mode setting is automatically activated at night, when ambient light is low. Unfortunately, the night mode setting might come on during the day and fail to capture footage in colour. This article highlights the reasons for this behaviour and possible solutions.

Excess Shade

Security camera positioning is an essential consideration during installation. While CCTVs are not supposed to be positioned in direct sunlight due to glare, you should avoid an overly shadowed area as well. The reason is that the darkness of a shaded area tricks camera sensors that it is night and activates the night mode setting. Therefore, a security camera records in night mode as long as it remains in a shaded area. For this reason, examine the lighting conditions of the affected security camera's location. If a spot is shady, look for another site, or remove the object casting the shadow.

Incorrect Camera Settings

You can manually set a camera to record in colour during the day and night. Since CCTV cameras only record in colour, if ambient light is high enough, the auto mode setting can be problematic. It is because camera sensors automatically check lighting conditions on auto mode and activate the night mode in insufficient light. It is especially the case for cameras located in areas that receive shade most times of the day. The best way to ensure that security cameras record in colour during the day is by manual configuration. It is because the camera does not have to rely on lighting conditions to record in colour.

Cooler Coloured Lighting

For CCTV cameras installed inside buildings, fixing a light source close by can help the devices to record in colour. For instance, security cameras in basements can do with additional light sources to ensure that night mode does not kick in. However, you must choose the right type of ambient light. For example, cooler lighting is not sufficient because it prevents an infrared cut filter from engaging. Consequently, a camera records in black and white. You can either use warm colour lighting or manually enable the infrared cut filter setting.

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