Two Situations in Which You Should Hire an Extra Security Guard for Your Shop

If you currently have just one security guard working on your premises, here are some situations in which you should consider hiring a second one.

You've recently begun to sell a few very expensive products

If you recently purchased some very expensive stock (such as jewellery with real diamonds or top-of-the-line kitchen gadgets), then it's worth employing an additional security guard. Expensive products appeal to many thieves, particularly if these goods are small enough for them to pop into their pockets. As such, by stocking these types of products, it is possible that you could notice a rise in the number of criminals who try to take things from your premises.

This could be a problem if you only have one security guard, as no matter how excellent they are at their job, they cannot be in two places at once. For example, whilst they are observing the actions of one suspicious person who is looking at something like a diamond necklace, another criminal could be at the other side of your shop, eyeing another valuable item. If in this situation, the second thief sneaks out with the product, you could end up in a serious bind.

Conversely, if you have at least two security guards in your shop at all times, it will be much harder for thieves to pocket your valuable stock without getting noticed. In short, the presence of multiple security guards could enable you to enjoy the large profits that come with selling these goods, without experiencing nervousness about the prospect of dealing with their theft and the expenses that could come.

You have just fitted security cameras

If you've just fitted security cameras, then it might be time to employ an additional security guard. These cameras will prove far more useful to you if you have a security guard who is available to monitor the live footage continuously whilst the shop is open, as this guard will can then take action the moment someone does something suspicious. Conversely, if you have these cameras but only look at them sporadically or when you need to retrieve footage from them, you won't be fully utilising them and may end up dealing with more thefts than if the cameras were continuously monitored.

If only one security guard takes on this responsibility, they won't be able to do other duties, such as periodically patrolling the shop and guarding the front door where the security-tag sensors are located. By employing another security guard and assigning them this task, you can reap more of the benefits of your new security cameras, whilst still ensuring that the other aspects of securing your premises are not neglected. Contact a security guard service for more information.   

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