3 Benefits of Using Video Surveillance Systems on a Construction Site

Video surveillance systems are not meant for homes, retail stores and offices only. If you are a construction manager, you can benefit from installing surveillance systems on your site. Video surveillance with remote monitoring allows you to monitor activities on the site even when you're not around. Below are some key benefits you can enjoy by installing these CCTV systems on your site.

Increase Safety and Reduce Injuries

Construction sites are a hotbed for safety hazards and injuries. The use of various types of equipment and machinery exposes workers to accidents that can cause fatalities. Fall injuries are also common when workers carry out tasks at height. Unfortunately, without surveillance, you cannot monitor and prevent hazards on the site. Video surveillance allows you to see what workers are doing at different zones on the construction site. 

You can identify acts that would lead to accidents and caution responsible persons before they hurt themselves and others. For example, you can easily identify employees who try to climb scaffolds without the right protective gear. Similarly, you can see workers operating machinery without authorisation and warn them. This promotes safety on the site and prevents workplace hazards.

Deter Vandalism, Trespassing and Material Theft

Construction sites are mostly open spaces with little security, especially if you haven't put up a fencing system. It is easy for people to trespass, steal materials or cause destruction. Some rogue workers can also steal materials such as timber and cement when you're not around. Such acts can cause losses and downtime on the site. 

Video surveillance acts as a deterrent system that deters workers and would-be intruders from stealing or vandalising materials. The mere presence of CCTV cameras can intimidate persons from coming close to the site. If vandalism and theft occur, you can quickly identify the culprits and bring them to book.

Reduce Liability

Liability on construction sites can cost managers a lot of money, especially if you don't carry insurance. For example, if workers get injured on the site, you have to pay for their medical expenses. Unfortunately, some accidents result from ignorance, and if you don't have evidence, you will end up paying for workers' negligence.

For example, if a worker ignores safety rules, climbs up a scaffold without personal gear, and falls, you will pay for their medical expenses. However, if you have surveillance, you can easily prove negligence and avoid liability altogether. The presence of video surveillance also deters workers from negligent acts as they know they won't claim liability.

As you can see, video surveillance can be incredibly beneficial on your construction site. Talk to an expert today so they can set up CCTVs with remote monitoring on the site.

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