Smart Security Systems: Key Features to Consider

There are a number of smart devices that have almost totally replaced (and increased the functionality of) their non-smart predecessors. You're more likely to refer to that small touchscreen device in your pocket as your phone, instead of your smartphone. The same is becoming true for home security and alarm systems. Smart inclusions and improvements mean that technology can take care of many of your home security needs, with the flexibility to accommodate a variety of different circumstances. 

This flexibility is important when customising a security system for your home. It needs to offer the functions you require to protect your home, as well as being adaptable for the future if your needs should change, even if only temporarily. What are some key features to consider?

Indoor Security Camera 

If you want a simple internal camera that identifies the presence of an intruder, you should choose a model that offers certain capabilities. Does the camera allow you to set a motion zone (as in, it activates when movement is detected in a certain predetermined zone, such as a doorway)? Does the camera offer free cloud-based storage of the video files, and if so, how much footage can be stored, and for how long? 

This can be necessary in the event of a burglary when the footage needs to be reviewed. Can you remotely access the video feed if you need to visually confirm the presence of an intruder? The features of a smart security camera can vary considerably, so choose wisely.

Doorbell Camera

Potential intruders need to approach your home before they enter, and their first step might be to determine if someone is home. When triggered, a smart doorbell activates its onboard camera to allow you to see who's outside. You can then remotely deactivate the lock or choose to ignore the visitor. In terms of home security, a doorbell camera needs to offer storage capabilities (either cloud-based or even a local SD storage card) with night vision capabilities.

An On-Demand Monitored System

Many smart security systems are self-monitored (as in you will receive notifications of any threats and can proceed accordingly), but there's something to be said for security alarms that offer professional monitoring. Consider a system that has a professional monitoring option without the need for an ongoing contract. This on-demand feature can be activated when you might not be in a position to check any notifications yourself, such as when you're on holiday and might not have the required internet access.

A decent smart security system should be customisable, adaptable and expandable, with monitored options available. Technology can do most of the work, but it can't do all of it.

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