3 Considerations for Choosing the Right Security Window Screen

Security window screens are designed in a similar style to flyscreens but there are diverse advantages attached to installing the products. These include superior protection of your home against intruders and preventing invasion by insects and other pests. The screens also offer protection against UV rays and general heat while allowing natural ventilation. There are different types of security screens in the home improvement market so you may find the selection task overwhelming. Here are the main factors that you should consider to ensure that the chosen product is right for your property.

Frame Material

You should ensure that the frames of window security screens that you are thinking about buying are made from strong and resilient materials. These products should be able to withstand an attempt at infiltration with tools such as knives and pliers. The best type of security screen material is steel because it is hard to cut or even pry open.

In addition, good steel products are protected against the risk of rusting and general corrosion. Alternatively, you can purchase screens with aluminium which is immune to rust but relatively lighter. You should ensure that the frame has a deep channel for the grilles and that the corners are reinforced.

Infill Material

The infill material for the security screen will also determine the level of protection provided by the window treatment. Ideally, the infill part should be able to withstand mechanical impact from the weight of an intruder's body. Steel grilles or motifs are the best option because they resist denting or bending under pressure.

If you live in humid or oceanic environments, consider choosing stainless steel meshes because they will resist rust more effectively. Aluminium alternatives are not suitable for security application since the material is very ductile. If you choose this material, your window screen will essentially be a flyscreen. However, there are new aluminum perforated sheets which are structural grade products.

Grille and Frame Connection

Your window security screen will be ineffective if the infill material is not properly attached to the frame. This will allow burglars and robbers to lever open the grille and gain access into your house. Rivets are commonly used to connect the grille and frame. If you choose this option, ensure that the rivets are not accessible from outside and that they are aligned for a long-lasting connection.

Welded security screens are the best because the bond will be hard to break and generally permanent. In addition, you can choose treatments which use screw clamps to hold the mesh in the frame. Learn more about these options by consulting resources like Bonds Security Products.

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