Simple Tips for Adding Home Security That Many Homeowners Overlook

Home security should be of concern to every homeowner, no matter the area in which they live. Any home can suffer a break-in or be the target of a home invasion, and thieves know to look for homes that don't appear to have many security features. At the same time, you as a homeowner may not want your home to look cluttered with security cameras and over-sized floodlights.

Note a few simple tips for adding home security that many homeowners overlook, and which won't necessarily detract from your home's appearance as well:

1. Security screens

You don't need to add unsightly bars to your doors and windows when there are so many attractive options for security screens available to you today. Security screens for windows are made of strong metal that cannot easily cut, and are typically attached with a hinge rather than sliding into place.

This allows them to be locked at the base with a heavy-duty lock that keeps them secured. A thief cannot simply pop a security screen out of place as he or she might with a thin aluminum screen.

Security screen doors can also be added to your entryways so that these can be more secure as well. These screen doors are also made of thicker metal and may feature a scrolling design on the front rather than drab prison-like bars. Their locks may also work with a key rather than a simple latch, which also keeps them more secure.

2. Thorny hedges

A good deterrent against thieves breaking into your home through a window is to plant thorny hedges under them. When a thief tries to get close to your home in order to break in, the thorny hedges act like a natural barbed wire. Look for any type of bush the with word nettle in its description to find one with stinging thorns.

3. Using a timer during the day

Many burglaries often happen during the day, when thieves assume everyone is away at work. You may think of using a timer on a radio or television to make your home look occupied when you're on vacation, but using one during the day can make your home seem occupied while you're at work.

Choose a timer you can set to random or are able to program so it doesn't look like the TV and radio go on at the same time every day, and this may make your home less attractive to anyone looking for an empty house to rob. To learn more, contact a company like GPW Security Screens & Doors Pty Ltd with any questions you have.

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